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>> a deadly crash in rural plus. disturbing details about a
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middle school teacher and the u.s. supreme court agrees to take up the issue of same-sex marriages. (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: two people are dead in a head=on collision in eastern contra costa county. the horrific high speed accident near byron seen here in this sky7hd video from abc7news he took his own life after being arrested in a child molesting case. now we are learning more about the serious allegations against a middle bay. >> and backers and opponents of same sex marriages welcoming today's announcement that the u=s supreme court to rule on california's >> this is a case about fundamental fairness. >>pam: tonight at eight. the c-h-p is investigating a deadly crash in a rural part of the east county. two people. including a child. are dead. kron-4's j-r stone is here with the latest details. j.r.? >> this is a tragic this is
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a video from the bc 7 high- definition the news. this maker of mass, the blue sedan crossed over the center line. and the collision, the 21 year-old female driver was air lifted but idied and the eight year- old in the back seat also died. the crash does not appear to be reaweather- related. we do not know if it is alcohol related or drug-related. we will keep you updated but as of now, the highway is still closed. >>pam: new tonight at eight o-clock. unsealed court documents are shedding light on what led to the september arrest of a
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former albany middle school teacher. for allegations of child molestation. kron four's philippe djegal details the evidence against the man -- who eventually took his own life. >> these unsealed court documents paint a very dark picture of the former 28- year-old albany middle school teacher accused of engaging in lewd and lascivious acts with at least one of his former students. in his statement of probable cause to arrest james izumizaki, detective john costenbader says izumizaki was a teacher in the same school as the victim. so izumizaki was aware the the victim was 18 years of age. the documents say in late september, the victim's father was made aware of his daughter's relationship with izumizaki by a parent of a close friend of the victim. the father obtained izumizaki's cell phone records and discovered thousands of text messages between his daughter and izumizaki from may to september. texts, photos and videos
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were shared between the two at all times of the day. detective costenbader says some as late as mdinight and past three o'clock in the morning. the victim was also listed as a friend on izumizaki's facebook page. the documents say the father confronted his daughter. she confirmed the relationship started while she attended albany middle school and continued after she left. costenbader says the victim told her father that the text messages were flirtatious and that led to izumizaki kissing the victim and touching her. the victim told police that on three or four occasions, izumizaki kissed her between may and june at the middle school. the victim described the kisses as open mouth and using their tongues. the documents say izumizaki touched the victim over her clothing while the two kissed. police say james izumizaki committed suicide a few days after his september 26th arrest. he was found dead in his car along with suicide notes in san leandro. >> philippe djegal, kron four
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>>pam: the u.s. supreme court decides it will weigh in. on the same-sex marriage debate in california. today. the justices agreed to review a federal appeals court decision, that ruled prop 8--- the voter approved ban on same sex marriage -- was unconstitutional and the high court decision could have long- lasting ramifications both here in california. and around the country. we have team coverage of the issue tonight. we begin with kron-4's dan kerman. with details on what today's announcement means for moving the case forward. >> and california, we have had nearly eight or wrangling. those on both sides of the issue know the ultimate decision is now just 6 months away. that's when the high court is expected to rule on same- sex marriage in california. >> i know he clear you spouses for life. the clear you spouses for lifesame sex couples will have to wait a little longer to tie the knot in california the u.s.
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supreme court has agreed to review prop 8, california's voter approved ban on same sex marriage legal briefs will be filed and the case will be argued early next year possibly in the spring. then the supreme court should issue its ruling very likely by the end of june. 2013. >> does the constitution began this question of marriage? >> uc hastings law professor rory little says the supreme courts decision to take both prop 8 and the federal defense of marriage act. is significant because it suggests the ultimate ruling will have national implications . >> they see this as a historic moment so there are two cases that will allow every possible question that is in the mixture. >> many supreme court watchers believe justice anthony kennedy could be the deciding vote. but little says chief justice john
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robert could infact be >> chief justice's tend to look towards history wherever their position be? robert proved this in health care last year to offer the national care add up all the mandate. he will go down in history as the roberts court, not the committee court upholding that. i think he will see this as a similar issue. the cultural type seems to have turned. they are not immune to looking. >> many are creditingformer san francisco mayor gavin newsom is expressed his delight that the supreme court will take up the prop -8 case. >> in my lifetime, i would not expect that they would have the question that they had in front of him today which is extraordinary. it has only been eight years. we could have never imagined
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that and 2004, when we did what we did in the san francisco the overwhelming majority of democrats opposed it. now, we are having a different argument with the president of the united states. it is extraordinary. the future is not just in front of you, it is inside of you you have to manifest in, step up, step and. >> the stage is set. in the six months. >> dan, and as you know the challenge was filed on behalf of two gay couples. kristin perry and his sandy live in berkeley. alicea read got the reaction. >> proposition 8 has been a hot topic for quite some time and the supreme court is reviewing it. there will be able to marry whomever they choose marriage is
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something they look for a word to in their lifetime batting california, that is not an option if you want a legal union with somebody o >> fairness for all, we all have the same people at the same number of chromosomes. i made a decent person, a gay man myself them one proposition 8 and 2008, this union filed a suit saying that it was not constitutional and it was discriminatory. >> there are increased hate crime between lesbians and gays because of laws like this. >> because of others in california that want to marry but cannot. the that the supreme court is reviewing the case they have hope. >> it is possible that there would not of hold the decision for us and that is a possibility and we certainly hope that does not happen. >> the of a hearing coming up in the month of march
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with they prove that the >> needs to be lifted. after that, the supreme court should have a role in the month of june it. >> we are going to be right at the front of the line because it this is very, very important fight. not just for a sandy and die, but for kids, friendly for people that cannot even though they're going to want this yet. >> the couple also but there will be able to get the marriage happening sometime next year. >> opponents on the other side of the aisle are also happy with today's decision. if the u.s. supreme court had tonight to this case the ban on the same sex would have been lifted. and puno .. >> finally, we are going to have a shot at a fair hearing in front of the supreme court and ultimately we are going to prevail it is twice that they have been
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able to vote on this and they've both decided with a traditional marriage. now the poll is leaning towards same-sex marriage with that poll was leading right towards the election of 20 08. i do not think that times have changed that much. >> stay with kron 4 as we follow any new developments as this decision is made >>jacqueline: ovisibility not that bad. as we take a look at current temperatures. into the 40's and a number of locations. 40's through fairfield, 47 in vallejo. pleasanton and as these temperatures continued to pull we would get closer to the two point your with fog formations. it continued to cool -- it will closer to the two.
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closer to the dewpooint... closer to mid-60s in sunday on the some locations. more on your weekend forecast coming up. >> coming up what started as a phone pricing against the royals it takes a tragic turn. a nurse is it dead and a pair of shock jocks are out every job. >> and also, the latest on jobs. gabe slate tech report amazing technology on the latest vehicles coming up.
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>> a nurse is dead -- and a pair of radio shock jocks are in the spotlight. unemployment numbers, at >>pam: shock and sadness in the british royal kingdom tonight. the nurse at a london hospital, who took a prank call from two australian disc jockeys. was found dead as kron-4's catherine heenan explains. it is believed the woman took her own life. it happened less than a day after kate middleton left she had been treated for extreme morning sickness. the nurse who had answered the phone to two d-j's pretending to be queen elizabeth and prince charles - was found dead friday. >> friday london john lofthouse chief exec., king edward vii hospital >> it is with deep sadness that we have reported eight death reporte-a-up of nursing staff. >> that hoax call was heard around the world. the hosts of an australian
8:16 pm
radio show say they never expected the prank call would get anywhere. but it did. jacintha saldanha transferred the call.a different nurse went on to give out confidential information on how the duchess was doing. people were divided on whether the prank was relatively harmless or crossing the line. but no one expected this. the hospital boss claims everyone was supportive of the nurses involved. a royal source says the palace never complained to the hospital. now the radio station's facebook page has been bombarded with angry comments. one saying "blood is on your hands." the d-j's have been taken off the air indefinitely. jacintha saldhanha was a wife and mother of two. a coroner will make the official finding on how she died. catherine heenan, kron 4 news. >>pam: president obama is asking congress for money on behalf of the states hardest hit by superstorm sandy. a white house official says, the president has requested 60- point- four billion dollars. in a joint statement on the matter, governor andrew cuomo of new york and new jersey governor chris christie say, this money will help their states
8:17 pm
recover, repair, and rebuild. they also say, their request includes funding to invest in efforts to protect the region from impact of storms like sandy. both governors recently went to washington to lobby lawmakers for federal funds. >> a new jobs report shows. a big drop in the nations unemployment. last month, 146- thousand jobs were added in the u-s. right now, the unemployment rate is 7-point-7 percent. that number does not include people who have stopped looking for work. still - it is the lowest percentage in 4-years. kron 4's justine waldman has a closer look at employment growth here in the bay area. and shows us where the jobs are here >> according to the california employment development department. there are jobs in the bay area. you just need to know where to look. ruth kavanagh's job is to watch the job numbers. she tells me. the latest figures show the labor market is improving. >> some growth is recovery
8:18 pm
from the downturn that we had, some is net job growth higher numbers than we have seen in the past. >> to see where the jobs are. breaking it down by area.and start in the east bay. where jobs were added in private schools and health care. in the south bay, hiring happening in retail, business services and leisure and hospitality. in the west bay, which includes san francisco, san maeo and marin counties. = =mateo.. the biggest category for job gains are in professional and business services, followed by retail, private schools, health care then leisure and hospitality. >> we had seen tech growth, now spread out to a variety of other industries. hamasconstrucion jobs also saw some modest improvement, but numbers were down for government and finacial banking and real estate. overall, hiring is happening.
8:19 pm
>> in san francisco, news. justin waldman, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: we are looking at fog forming in novato.. that will change for the overnight hours. current temperatures, the lower these get the clothes we would get to the dewpoint... 40's in fairfield. 40's in daly city but look at 45 degrees in daly city. 43 degrees inf daly city which is aimpacting the fog with the 43 reading of the dewpoint... we will see sunny skies tomorrow by 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.
8:20 pm
clearing. with a rapid clearing expected. less fog on the sunday and the same for monday. taking a look at the satellite and radar clear skies for the bay area. eyehole some high clouds but those are gone. we will see some chilly temperatures, overnight as i mentioned, 30's for the inland valleys. -- i can expect to see some high clouds. and fog perhaps just a patchy. 30's through napa, the peninsula and for the afternoon temperatures, low 60s for the south bay. 60s in cupertino, 60s in san jose and also for the inland valleys. 62 in concord, livermore, 61 in alameda. upper 50s and 60s along the coast. and for too much low 60s for the north bay. as we take a look at our extended
8:21 pm
forecast no rainfall expected. however, a chance of showers returns. >> coming up later in this broadcast with alicia... merry christmas >> and happy new year. >> and the warriors. >> yes! >> and mccarthy taking that line drive with financial security for the rest of his life, later in this broadcast.
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>> announcer of gabe slate tech report >> this amazing new technology is usually in highly end luxury sedan but that is now changing with ford building some new, high-tech features. into their affordable cars, crossovers, suvs and trucks.
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features. go to the website and figure out the features that you want the most. gabe slate tech report.
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>> is sexual predator at loose in the east bay. where this possible serial rapist is striking and how far would you go from striking a medical marijuana is a saving his young sons like
8:29 pm
but they might not agree with. >> a look at a site with visibility reduced with the fog formations. the other locations expected to coming up.
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>> stories at eight-thirty. two people. including a child. are dead after head- on collision in byron. this is video courtesy of sky-7-h-d from a-b-c-7 news. the c-h-p says, a car slammed into a big-rig on byron highway near clifton court. at about 3-30 this afternoon. the crash also caused a diesel spill into the california aqueduct. cal- trans was on scene cleaning that up. byron road was shut down, so the highway patrol could investigate. the u.s. supreme court today agreed to review propostion eight. the
8:32 pm
state's ban on same-sex marriage. the justices also agreed to take up another related case - the federal defense of marriage act. their decisions aren't expected to come until june. until then. the state ban >> and newly released court documents reveal a very dark picture of a former albany middle school teacher accused of engaging in lewd and lascivious acts with at least one of his former students. izumizaki sent thousands of text messages. pictures and videos. to the girl. which lead to an intimate relationship between the izumizaki took his own life >>pam: new at eight. richmond police have released a pair of sketches of a man wanted for abducting and sexually assaulting two women. and attempting to kidnap a third. within the past six kron-4's jeff bush is in richmond tonight with the new details. jeff?
8:33 pm
>> this 23 to street corridor is his hunting ground. there are two different police sketches, the left is the longer air and the right with the shorter hair. they believe that this is the same person, with 5 ft. 7 in., with hispanic. the victim was approached from behind and forced into the car and sexually assaulted. on november 20th, a second attack she felt like she was being followed. she was able to get away intimated to a safe location. the very next day, november 21st first, the same situation, the suspect tried to get her into the car he produced a knife. choker to an unknown location and sexually assaulted her. >> what we are getting from
8:34 pm
the victim's the motive is very similar and the description is very similar. they could be connected in some ways a we really want to make sure that we're getting the information out there. ticket safety tips and to make sure that we're letting people know that there are people out there. we have had to kidnappings. with a sexual assault and these two kidnappings. >> out here live, the richmond police have been handing out fliers along the corridor. they want to warn people to walk in pairs and after dark and what did it get this information out so long? it was a simple question of several inspectors finally getting together and realize they have the same suspect. jeff bush, kron 4. >> with high tech paychecks
8:35 pm
also impacting housing into the stratosphere san francisco, san jose are the most expensive cities in the u.s. when it comes to purchasing a home. here they are. the toughest find a home within the means of the average local resident. four of the top six in california, plus new york and the pricy suburbs in connecticut. in the big apple, someone with the median income of 68=thousand dollars could afford less than 30 percent of the homes. in san francisco, incomes are higher, but so are home prices. more than two=thirds of the homes are too expensive for a median=income buyer. orange county is third on the national list. followed by los angeles and connecticut's fairfield county. san jose rounds out the top six, despite a high median income of 105=thousand dollars. real estate is too expensive there for more than 50 percent of the residents.
8:36 pm
grant lodes, kron 4 news. today is the 71st anniversary of the date that will live in infamy. december 7th, 19-41 was when the japanese attacked pearl harbor. a moment of silence today in hawaii, followed by a fly- over, marked the exact time when the bombing began. the surprise attack killed about 24-hundred people and brought the u-s into world war two. dignitaries and veterans at this ceremony in hawaii pledged that future generations would know about those who gave their lives that day bi and >>pam: and here in the bay area. on coast guard island. coast guard veterans, pearl harbor survivors among others gathered to honor the soldiers killed when the japanese bombed the u-s. the attack kick-started america's involvement in world war two. one veteran spoke about his recollection of the attack. the ceremony also included a 21 gun salute. >> i saw that first torpedo
8:37 pm
drop and i was not work because it was only 40 ft. of water. i knew that it was going to be submerged in the mud. but what i did not to know is the japanese spent long hours developing that torpedoed to work in that harbour. and they did. >> the local ceremony also include a 21 gun salute. >> new at eight. a modesto man could face legal trouble over giving his young son medical marijuana. however. he argues it's the only thing that's helped get the boy's rare form of epilepsy under control. jason david says his son consumes a type of marijuana he says does *not contain t-h-c, which is the chemical that produces a high. it's kept in the fridge.then heated onto a liquid david's 6-year-old son suffered violent seizures. and was taking so many medications that he was suffering withdrawals from trying to quit so many of
8:38 pm
them. david says a doctor suggested using marijuana. and is convinced the pot has saved his son's life. >> it was really a life or death situation. if i were you i would try anything to save your son's life. when you see your kid suffer every single day. my son had a seizure every single day for four-and-a-half-years. i'm getting my son back from being a zombie to becoming a human again. >> david says his son has made a remarkable improvement. but modesto police are investigating him. becase they say david's giving the marijuana to his son without a prescription. >>pam: jacqueline? >>jacqueline: temperatures in the 60s. with just a few degrees in difference in san francisco, san modesto, fremont. as we take a live look from the golden gate bridge this evening the visibility not that bad. but
8:39 pm
the fog is expected and it will be pretty dense. current conditions, in the 40's. it will also be chilly. where were could expect fog toward >> coming up this chore of the banks of coyote creek. on this next edition of people behaving badly. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect.
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rethink possible.
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>> after today's job report, on wall street today the dow jones 81 points to close above 13,000. and finished with a 1% gain come over all this week. the nasdaq fell below 3000 and the s&p rose by four points. >> best buy has been slapped with a $20 million jury verdict. it is accused of
8:42 pm
stealing trade secrets from a small company. it will have little impact on testify which produces $50 billion in annual sales. they maintain that it has done nothing wrong and it will appeal the decision. >> coming up in sports sports to director gary radnich will open up the mail bag and the brooklyn nets... [ male announcer ] steak and lobster is on the menu at sizzler. a fresh-cut tri tip sirloin served with a succulent lobster tail. just $16.99. sizzler.
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nats: im more worried about the camera, myself i can take a dunking but this camera can't there are 8 miles of homeless encampments along the coyote creek in san jose what i am about to show you is a small snippet (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> they are all lined along the creek with is a very delicate ecosystem an eco system that is in grave danger this water looks ok but this is what is flowing in it and see that shopping cart there litterly dozens like this the shopping carts are often used as metal nets to catch salmon and other wildlife some encampments have been destroyed by the flood water but others are still intact, this one was built on stilts it looks like any camp sight you might see . i had a chat with one of the residents this is dave salcido he use to work for >> mercury news, i was a san francisco mailer i worked the tribue chronicle it's over with the internets
8:46 pm
taked over the advertising veno >> i asked dave about all the trash >> this is trash left by all the other people they come temporarily and they leave and they leave all their stuff dave said that he tries to keep the area clean then he revealed something else >> you did 10 years in different jails, susanville jamestown, avanol, chino mississippi, and in 1978 he was required to register as sex offender because >> aw a girl was under the influence of pcp and we were having a party what he told me was to grapic to repeat so let's just say thing got out of hand and is he is still on parole there may be hundreds of parolees living along this 8 mile stretch of coyote creek along with hundreds of tons of garbage and unless there are some major changes on how we deal with the homeless state wide this is only going to get worse and our delicate ecosystem will suffer the most in san jose stanley roberts kron 4 news =
8:47 pm
>>jacqueline: the fog we are going to see about 30's, overnight. with areas of dense fog we are going to be dealing with the chilly temperatures that i mentioned to tomorrow. clearing tomorrow and even warmer tomorrow towards a sunday with temperatures in the mid '60s. as we take a look of a morning low temperatures. 30's and 40's. the same in santa rosa. 30's for the inland valleys concord, livermore, pleasanton, vallejo. low 40's for the east bayshore. and in half moon bay and again expecting a fog in places like the inland valleys, the delta and the north bay. as for the
8:48 pm
afternoon, low 60s expected in cupertino, palo alto and san jose. for the inland valleys, low 60s for concord, 63 and livermore. low 60s for the east bayshore. 60s near the coast and 60s in the san francisco. 62 degrees in napa. a look at your extended forecast with fog expected but it is going to be local. not widespread. sunshine for the afternoon. sunday, less fog but temperatures are going to warm up a little bit. we will keep it mild but a chance of showers returning into wednesday. just a 30 percent chance. >> good evening, everybody this is turning into some amazing warriors start in brooklyn were jackson the startup, inf jay z... but he
8:49 pm
gets the credit for the owner of the team. he is really, his personality as for live and the place up with joe johnson. and a staff currey plan like an all-star. --stef curry and .... lee is off to a great start. his nickname used to be fema, because he was never there when you needed him. 109-102. the raiders, finally a break from oakland won the week they will host kansas city. dennis allen needs a break he lost his father earlier this week. and he got back in time for carson paul marat against denver. and 26-13 with cars and palm are
8:50 pm
-- against the denver and really, carson polyme >> what we have to understand is as players and coaches we have to look to the future. we are trying to go out and win and it is our job to go out there and went on a day to day basis. it is not an overnight process. it is going to take some time. as to go forward will have to continue to work with the young guys. >> and for the fans that say that they want to fire him? he has a four year contract. it does not go well to get rid of him for the first year. >> miami. he was fined 7000 a tattered $75. for this late hit. -- $7875. there
8:51 pm
is, a hard hitter. $787 fight. and he suffered a major injuries. hitting the jackpot, brandon mccarty. owlish. perhaps we showed this to much of money was with the line drive with the 80s. a brain contusion, and two hours of surgery. he was awarded a clementi on a reef.and today, with the 80s, he will sign with the diamondbacks, $15.5 million for two or years. and in las vegas, off marquez 143 pounds and paquieo 14 tomorrowmnight... when we
8:52 pm
return,gun control editio rial...
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
>> off friday night, we come by radio, e-mail, television, tweet, text, and if you are really nasty you
8:55 pm
could probably get on. >> why is it so difficult for you to say that bob costa was irresponsibly? >> i've spoken to him a couple of times he is one of the best at what he does. and i could be completely wrong but know how broadcasters are it is difficult for me to say... sitting there after the kansas city tragedy shooting his girlfriend. and shooting himself. putting his hands together and he said that he had a chance to make a political statement. i just do not believe it. if you want to fault costas... perhaps he does not need to pander to the guy drinking beer sitting on the couch. perhaps he is talking down
8:56 pm
to people? but i do not think that he went out of its way to be political. >> and after the loss on a sunday why have the 49ers not gone back to smith? >> because jim harbaugh is patting him on the back, and this guy. and if you want an answer on how much jim harbaugh loves:kaepernick? again, if they lose against miami. and if he starts again in the way blood against tom bradley then all hope is gone. -- but if again, that he starts again against new england against tom brady--. it >> why would you say that sonny dykes the small time?, from louisiana tech? small-
8:57 pm
time. perhaps getting a younger guy, and he is 43 years old. and if you get a younger guy who is hungry this is his chance. he will work twice as hard. and steve mariuchi... get a hundred guy answer would happens. the mitchell people palladian l. daviblaming al dav >> they say that the side of too many old players, too many much money. i miss him because he is a great personality and his legendary. we will have to wait and see on the raiders. >> the more i realize you're not a bad guys. >> thank you gino....
8:58 pm
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TOPIC FREQUENCY California 12, San Francisco 9, Kron 7, At&t 6, U.s. 5, Albany 4, Byron 4, Fairfield 3, Concord 3, Costenbader 2, Hbo 2, Napa 2, Jim Harbaugh 2, Izumizaki 2, Jeff Bush 2, Catherine Heenan 2, Sandy 2, Philippe Djegal 2, James Izumizaki 2, Megan 2
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